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We promise... to make your event special. We have a wide array of configurations and styles and we are professionals at what we do. Professional means we do this so that you will call us back, time and time again. We will be ontime, our sound will be crisp and tight and the music we choose will be appropriate, and perfectly suited to your needs.

If you want a raging dance party, The Deep Fried Funk Society is for you. If you want a casual cool affair, The D.A. Projekt warms a room up with rich sultry sound like no other, and if you want classic songs with a mix of danceable music, Forward Falling is versatile in that way.

Either way, we work with you, to give your function just the right touch and the right music. Hip. Modern. Rich. Classic. Heartfelt. if you like these words, you'll love what we bring to your function!


André Berry