André Berry

Andre was born into funk in the State of Ohio, Cleveland to be exact.

Surrounded by dancing, singing horn bands like The Ohio Players, Parliament, Bootsy's Rubber Band, Slave, Midnight Starr, The Dazz Band, The O'Jays, The Isley Brothers, Sunn to name a few, dance music played by bands was bumping in his neightborhood from day 1. Either that or neighboriing city or Motown;s R&B Sound. The Philly sound wan't that far away, but that came in during the mid to late 70's and Andrés musical roots were already formed soliid and strong.

Andre moved to L.A. in 1985 to pursue music, enrolled in Los Angeles City College and after 4 years of training in Big Bands, and in music Classes, he landed the gig with the Busboys. From there his musical journey became life on the road. Now playing for David Sanborn and other Smooth Jazz Artists, he has formed his own project know as The Deep Fried Funk Society.

"The Deep Fried Funk Society is a special musical endeavor. The live horns take me back and now they sound so fresh and alive.  II had forgotten because most of the situations I have been playing in don't use a horn section. There's nothing like it. Duane Benjamin and I have teamed up to create a sound and band that we feel is going to take us very far. We shall see! It's exciting! "

Andre has one special disctinction of note: He was the very first bassist to sub for Louis Johnson playing with George Johnson from 1995 go 1999.

"I love G. as I call him! Funky as all get out, sings and plays the crap out of their music while chewing bubble gum, and a great, great songwriter. Some of the best times of my musical life. But I have to say, playing with David Sanborn is a dream come true. Not only is he a incredible musician, but he's like "Play whatever the f*&^" you want!! I'm not going to tell you what to play!!" Now I know he means within reason...but still to have that kind of freedom...well, I can see why Marcus Miller got to have such a signature approach and sound... Situations like this breed you to be yourself in every way. So thats what we are trying to do with The Deep Fried Funk Society. I want everybody to play and feel like they are free to express themselves. Within reason of course..."


Lance Tamanaha

Lance was born in a little town on Oahu called Wahiawa, but grew up in Honolulu from about the age of 3.
His hometown is known for beautiful rainbows and scenery, and warm and friendly people.

Lance loves the 70's. All of it. Rock, funk, disco, pop, R&B. “I never get tired of hearing songs from the 70's.”
It was halfway through high school that Lance figured that he was going to be a classical percussionist for a living. Things didn’t exactly go that way the deeper he got into playing the drumkit.

His deepest influence for drumset would have to be Jeff Porcaro. “He was, is, and will always be my most important influence. There are other older drummers too, but as far as someone who has shaped my approach and who I'd like to emulate the most, it would be Jeff.”

Lance's style is very minimalist. "I'd like to think that I play to serve the song at all times. I like to stay out of the way of the melody, but provide a solid foundation for the groove, so people can feel it more than hear it it."

Outside of music, Lance likes to hang out with friends, surf, and travel to remote locations to surf. Nicaragua for example.
"I like the challenge of the grooves and the songs of The DFFS, and I like playing with the great players in the band. It's fun!"


Duane Ben'Jamin'


John Papenbrook


Sam Morgan (aka. The Young Lion)