The Deep Fried Funk Society
DFFS: A Unique blend of flavors...Country Fried Funk!!
upcoming performances

Oct. 7th 2015!



Catch us Live! @

    The Xen Lounge


       9:00 to 12:30

Free before 9pm -

$10 Therafter




10628 Ventura Blvd.

Studio City, CA 91604





Oct. 10th 2015!


Catalina Island JazzTrax Festival


Meet the Ultimate Party Band!!

The musical entity that goes by the name...“The Deep Fried Funk Society” is unique to say the a variety of ways.

First of all, the wonderful blend of Country, Funk and Pop music styles, all at once puts a smile on the listeners face, inspiring a feel good time. A feeling that lasted the whole evening.

Secondly, the configuration of members and instrumentation is also unique. Frontman André Berry sports his bass, along with an awe inspiring keyboard/computer setup, and a maniacal pedal floorboard. He borders on having a full studio onstage! He manipulates and massages his equipment, creating music right in front of the listener that intoxicates and satisfies. ‘Funky’ Lance Tamanaha plays the trap drum set, and is all smiles and grooviness all night long. The wonderous “Ben-Jamin’ Horns”, led by Ben-Jamin’ on Trombone, with Jon Papenbrook on Trumpet and Sam Morgan on Saxophone, are fierce to say the least and add a welcome zing and pizzazz to what this listener feels are ‘great’ original songs. I don’t toss that word out easily. I truly feel this group has great songs. Refreshing! 

Thirdly, the word ‘personality’ comes to mind. These guys interject a unique blend of humor, rockin’ danceability, emotion and heart into the music and you can feel it throughout the audience and the club’s atmosphere. There is an electricity in the air and it's because the audience is feeling and hearing something new and refreshing. Truth. Feeling. Good times. I watched the crowd sing along with their songs, and then Andre said on the mic, “You’re the first audience to ever hear that one!” and it occured to me, “They are singing along with songs they have never heard before!” My jaw dropped! I don’t know if I have ever seen that!

With the pairing of great songs and inspiring live performances, The Deep Fried Funk Society is poised to rise to the very top. So, if you haven’t been down to The Basement in Santa Monica to see and hear DFFS, (as they call themselves) do yourself a favor: Give the songs a real listen, and go see them do their thing. I guarantee, you will do as this hard to impress music connoisseur did: Smile...and you might even find yourself singing along!

Emery Neil
Music Publicist, Quantegy Music Group