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Forward Falling....

is an eclectic music trio comprised of Ms. Lisa Donovan, André Berry and Harold Allen Jr.

These core members hail from completely different parts of the country, combing their distinctive music background and influence to deliver rock solid quality performances perfect for any occasion or venue.

Through the use of midi triggers, sound samples and computer sequencing technology, this trio artfully mashes up various flavors of funk, soul, pop, hard rock, smooth jazz, r&b and grunge, to provide a live music entertainment experience you no doubt will enjoy. Their unique sound is skillfully produced to recreate the sound of a 7 piece band, with just a duo rhythm section and a vocalist.

LISA DONOVAN is, and always will be, a singer. The influences of “Led Zeppelin”, “Jefferson Airplane”, “The Mommas And The Poppas” and “Joni Mitchell”, with a genuine down home blues / soulful attitude can be witnessed throughout her music. Having grown up in the music scene of Tacoma, WA, Lisa was enveloped by the Seattle sound and has since put her own spin on classic songs and originals alike. After discovering her passion for singing Lisa bided her time; waiting for the perfect situation to not only highlight her vocal acumen, but showcase every instrument and musician playing with her. A drummer by the name of Harold Allen Jr, presented her with an opportunity to work with like minded musicians that she could not pass up.

Out of Cleveland, Ohio, comes ANDRE’ BERRY. Surrounded by the sounds of “The Dazz Band”, “Booty’s Rubber Band”, “Parliament”, “The Isley Brothers”, “Slave”, “Midnight Starr”, “The Deele”, “The O’Jays” and “the Mighty Ohio Players” You can’t help but be inspired and one thing becomes perfectly clear; he’s a musician’s musician. A virtuoso with a blue collar attitude, Berry’s combination of Funk and Smooth Jazz coupled with his refined technique makes him the pre-eminent bassist of his generation. Sought after worldwide (on land and sea) Andre’ has graced the stage backing acts like David Sanborn, Mini Abair, composer David Newman, The Brothers Johnson, and Grammy
nominee Dave Koz. Andre’ Berry’s technical approach on stage including a variety of measures normally applied in post production of an album assures that any song he plays on he makes uniquely his own.

You need not know where HAROLD ALLEN JR. is from before you hear him play the drums. You just need to listen. Heavy on the Jazz influence and a true funksteer at heart, this New Orleans native is not only the musician that holds the band together with his groovalicious pocket, he’s also the person that took Lisa Donovan and put her in the same room as Andre’ Berry. One look at how Harold Jr. plays and its more than clear that his laid back drumming swagger is indicative of the “Big Easy” lifestyle...He feels every beat, emoting through the tempo. Watching Harold play the drums is truly a show in, and of itself. Influenced by “The Meters” and “The Neville Brothers” Harold’s musical prowess is clearly on display every time he so much as hears a beat.

Experimentation with sound and approach is Forward Falling's normal way of doing things and the three members along with their uses of technology, together, make for an exceptional musical experience. When given the opportunity to perform at your event you will not be disappointed, you will love the sound, the music and the members, and appreciate listening to new and old songs alike with a fresh twist and new attitude that you are sure to remember long after the occasion.

Members of Forward Falling have performed with the following: David Sanborn, Dave Koz, The Brothers Johnson, Warren Hill, Tom Scott, David Sanborn, George Duke, Marcus Miller, Wayman Tisdale, Deniece Williams, Jeff Kashiwa, Peter White, Norman Brown, Euge Groove, Rick Braun, Mindi Abair, David Pack, Jeff Golub, Leo Nocentelli, Ivan Neville, Jermaine Jackson, Kirk Whalum, Gerald Albright, Chris Standring, Patches Stewart, The Boneshakers and more...
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