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Journal Entry Feb. 2015

Music is a wonderful, hopefully uplifting, healing thing. The right song can give you hope, faith, insight, affirmation and countless other adjectives I could give, that really I think are all part of the word inspiration.

Music is important, although I truly feel, musicians are grossly undervalued. Now I am not going to go on a rage rant here...I’ll simply say, that at the club level, musicians are paid less than minimum wage and are paid today what musicians were paid in the 60’s. Gas, food, housing, water have all gone up, but musicians pay has remained steadfastly the same, unless you can hit the bigtime or at least get on a roll to where you are in demand. Therein lies the real challenge...

How do I put something together that is real and that will make some noise, garner attention and make me some hot-dang moolah?!

That is the work at hand I am involved in and I feel we are on the verge in The Deep Fried Funk Society. I partnered with Duane Benjamin whom is a fantastic arranger and producer and together we have created a live sound that I know is catchy, fun and funky. We are picking up steam and the train is starting to chug. We have catchy original material, we entertain live, we are honing our sound...and most of all, from what we are told, we inspire people in a good way. Inspire them to have a good time. Inspire them to try new approaches. Give them hope.

We are venturing into a new club this evening, Harvelles in Santa Monica, CA. I have played there many times as a sideman to many people, but now our own act is taking the stage and it is my hope that we have an effect on the room...I’ll let you know!

I also have a project as you know, Forward Falling. I also have a old friend, Rick Marks I am producing a record on. He is a fantastic is my dream and goal to have 3 projects rolling strong at once and it is a monumental task, but I am up to the challenge. I have the energy and with the partners I am paired with, I know it can be done.

You know...When you’re playing behind artists, people in the audience don’t get a view into the real you. You are trying to make someone else’s vision come to life best you can. Sometimes the music may not fit you. Not that it’s may just not be something you feel. Now that I am in the drivers seat with my co-pilots, we get to shape the vision the way we see things, and now people get to see the real me for the first time since I moved to L.A. I feel blessed!

So this is the journey I am on. I hope 2015 will be a pivotal year in my career. I am trying to make things happen and things in fact are happening little by little. Stay tuned...I’ll keep you updated!

God bless,