"The D.A.  Projekt"

(a.k.a. "The Digital Audio Projeckt")
upcoming performances

Dec. 11th 2015


Performing at LAX Tom Bradlley International terminal 1pm to 3pm. *Special Xmas set!







Playing the songs we all love, in a moderrn, fresh way...Part DJ's, Part Musicians!

Is what the D.A. Projekt is all about. We cover all the bases. From Smooth Jazz, to Pop to Rock, Funk and R&B. With a diverse array of songs, from "How Deep is your Love" to "I Keep Forgettin" to "Skin Tight" and "Thank You Fa Lettin Me Be Mice Elf" to "Come Together" and "Free Bird" to "Maputo" & "My Funny Valentine" we like to featurefclassic songs like "You've got a Friend" and "Just the Two of Us".

The vibe is smiles all around. It's about the atomosphere, the music, the sound in the room or venue,(we bring our own P.A. system) You can't beat it. Our goal is to invite your to what we call our "Living Room of Sound". Get wrapped up in the warmth!!

The D.A. Projeckt musical duo, consists of Andre Berry on bass, guitar, keys and The Improvisational Electronic DJ Rig and Harold Allen Jr. on drums, electronic drums, samples, sound effects and Electronic percussion.

The D.A. Projekt mixes what a D.J. does with what a mixing engineer does in the studio, with what a musician does live peforming onstage. Knobs are twisting, sounds are manipulated, songs are sung, solos are played, and to top it off, jokes and laughter happen on the regular.

Whether playing for a luncheon at the Womens Center in Pasadena for Miss Flo or for a graduation party for Fullerton College, at the lovely outdoor Malibu Cafe, or inside the Delta Terminal at LAX, The D.A. Projekt plays the appropriate music to create a wonderful mood and a rich, luxurious atmosphere. We pride ourselves on our versatility. Check into us to provide wonderful music and atmosphere for your function. You won't be disappointed!!